Short Plays

Behind the Mask

1 W, 2 M

One Act 40mins

Gary belongs to an ancient society of masked murders dedicated to protecting “wholesome family values” i.e. killing teenagers who dare to party or explore their sexual urges. However, when Gary botches a routine “meet and spook” and reveals his unfortunately handsome face to his victim, he finds himself face to face with Becky, a sexually liberated teenage girl not willing to let the patriarchy force her knees shut … the most simultaneously terrifying and appealing thing he’s ever encountered.


A sex-positive farce deconstructing the gory camp and regressive morality of slasher films.

  • Presented at the Midtown International Fringe Festival, July 2016. 

  • Finalist for Campfire Theatre Festival.


Apocryphal Burlesque 

and Ribs House

4W, 2M, burlesque dancers preferred.

One Act/Burlesque 45mins-1hr

Adam’s gone missing and Eve, determined to track him down, ventures into a cozy corner of Hell called the Apocryphal Burlesque and Ribs House. At the Apocryphal, Eve encounters women who over the centuries were excised from the Bible for being too shocking, including Lilith, Adam’s ex-wife.

A hybrid play/burlesque designed for a non-traditional space. 

Set Rendering designed by Albert Jacob Cisneros


No Filter

2W, 2M, 1 Either.

One Act 35 mins

Four teens wake to find themselves stranded in a desert. No food. No phones. And no clue as to what they're doing there except for the cryptic instructions coming an old Walkie Talkie. If they follow this uncertain prophet will they find the Promise Land? 


Eddie Rex

3W, 2M, 1 Trans (Tiresias), Flexible Chorus.

One Act 30-40 mins

Eddie's a high school senior whose life is going pretty well. He's got great grades, sports success, and his long term crush on his student teacher, Miss Jo, seems to finally be getting some traction. However, when that pesky "nearly sightless" prophet kid declares him the reincarnation of Oedipus Rex, doomed to repeat his fate everything gets a bit dramatic (and Greek). If someone can't reel in this chaos soon someone's bound to loose an eye ... or two. 

An oldie but a goody. One of the first plays I ever wrote. 

  • Performed at East High School in 2008, 2009, and 2013. 

  • Won Best Original Script from the Utah Theatre Association in 2009.


10 Minute Plays

Don't  Feed The Trolls

3W, 1 M, 1 Either

When new mom, Penny, reaches out to the Mommy Mingle parenting forum she discovers how quickly internet "safe spaces" can become havens for trolls ... and how dangerous it is to feed them. 

  • KCACTF 10 Minute Regional Finalist. 

Cut the Cord

3M, 1 W

Sammy wants to prove his manliness to his father during their rock climbing excursion, but with his twin sister determined to humiliate and overshadow him at every turn what's a boy to do? And why is the family dog so eager to help? 

  • Selected for ARTS Tri-State Festival, 2015.


2M, 1 W

What should have been a standard temple recommend interview with her friendly Bishop, Brother Sorenson, goes wrong when Sarah confesses to having slightly more sexual thoughts than perhaps "For the Strength of Youth" would prefer. Can her soul be saved? Will she get a word in edgewise? 

The Heart Eaters

3M, 1 W

Sukuma's a 10 year old Taino boy who despite his mother's warnings longs to see the golden cities of the Heart Eaters. Columbus is a depressed sailor who despite this being his 4th voyage has yet to find the land of Chipangu (Japan). Perhaps this unlikely pairing can help each other. A comedy of mistranslation.