The Glowing Gene

Winner of the 2017 Tribeca Film Institute Sloan Student Grand Jury Prize

Full-Length Screenplay


Jaanvi was born from the union of two worlds, India and England, and two religions, Christian and Jainist. But upon the sudden death of her mother to dengue fever, Jaanvi's minister father removes her to England, cutting her off from her vibrant childhood. When Jaanvi, an insect geneticist, gets the chance to return to India heading a mosquito eradication effort, will she be able to come to terms with her identity and restore the balance in her broken family?

Tribeca Film Prize

Sloan Student Prize



Don't Feed the Squirrels

30 Minute Television Pilot (currently 2 parts)

In a world full of noise and garbage, Emma Tanaka’s slice of serenity is her job as a Park Ranger at Smolder Gulch State Park. But when the government starts threatening to privatize the park and sell it off to corporate interests, Emma will discover that to save her beloved park she can no longer “Leave No Trace”… sometimes you’ve got to fight fire with fire.

A dark comedy about a Clean Freak’s descent into Eco-Terrorism.




Short Films

Multiply and Replenish

CMU Single Camera TV Projects

5 minute Dystopian Short

Directed by Alex Franz

When a disease wipes out 90% of the population it remains to the survivors to "multiply and replenish," to repopulate regardless of desire or the trauma left behind. 

Here's the Rub

CMU Multi-Camera TV Project

5 minute Sitcom Short

Directed by Greg Lehane

Betsy and Bobby are a nice midwestern couple who've decided to celebrate their anniversary with the dangerous sensual pleasure of ... couple's massage! However, the spark of tension between their masseuses leads to things getting a bit ... heated. 


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