Musicals !

The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends

Written in Collaboration with Composer Alex Petti.


100 min Musical 

3W, 3M, 2-4 ensemble male and female. 

Written for a 4 person pit band. 

Should you happen to stumble into the Young Adult section of your local bookstore you’ll immediately see there are a couple things the “Youths” can’t get enough of: love in triangular form, poorly-conceived dystopias, and most of all, MONSTERS! Sexy, sexy, monsters. 


The Trouble With Dead Boyfriends is a gory feminist musical aimed at the monster-loving teen we all keep buried in our hearts and middle school journals. It follows Stella, Grace, and Madison, three high school BFFs who’ve snagged their dream dates for Senior Prom. But when your dream man is a literal monster, things can get … nightmarish, and if they don’t do something quick, Prom may end up

  • Performed in a 60 minute form for CMU's Playground Festival of Student Work 2016. 

  • Winner of MCL Chicago's 2017 Premier Premieres Festival! 

  • Selected for the SheNYC Festival. Running at the Connelly Theatre between July 7th-9th. 

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Song Samples

Love Like Ours - Petti/Pulsipher
00:00 / 00:00
ZomBaby - Petti/Pulsipher
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Aynnie: The Lil' Orphan Objectivist

Book and Lyrics: Annie Pulsipher

Music: Charles Strouse (parody of the musical Annie)


60 Min Parody Musical (currently being expanded) 

6-8 roles. 3-4 W, 3-4 M

The Ayn Rand Society Presents: "Aynnie: The Lil' Orphan Objectivist," an imagining of what could have been America's Glorious Past. In association with John Galt (Who?)

It's 1933, the height of the Great Depression, and FDR has promised "A New Deal for Christmas." But is the sun rising on a brighter "Tomorrow" or will this New Deal be the undoing of a truly free America? Only Aynnie Rand, an immigrant orphan who has lived under the crushing hand of collectivism, can see the truth. Armed with only her unshakable sense of self and the knowledge that capitalism is an objective good, can Aynnie convince the wealthy industrialist Oliver Warbucks to help her stop this pernicious New Deal?

  • Performed in 45 min form for CMU's Playground 2015.

"I Don't Need Anything But Me" Sample Clip