Full Lengths

One True Pairing

5W, 2M, 2-4 Flexible

Full Length~80 Mins

One True Pairing follows Laura Kittae, the show runner of the animated tv series, Star Chasers, a sci-fi adventure about Princess Pulsar and her living star companion, Halley, flying their comet ship throughout the universe to battle the Dark Lord Quasar. Though intended for children, Star Chasers' girl-power message and queer themes have attracted a passionate following of adult fans (StarSluts), many of whom consider Princess Pulsar/Halley or Hallsar their One True Pairing ... even though Laura Kittae tries to keep the focus on the characters' "friendship."  When a climactic episode seems to confirm Hallsar as romantic the fandom explodes and Laura spins into damage control. Who will triumph canon or fanon?

One True Pairing or OTP is an immersive, fandom experience that uses fan fiction, fanart, and cosplay to explore questions of fandom authorship and queer erasure.


Photo Credit: Louis Stein

Infinite Canary

2 W, 2M

Full Length~90 Mins

Miss R is not a quitter. She's NEVER quit anything in her life. But a couple months into her stint as a Teach for America Corps member in Appalachia and Miss R's dreams of being an inspirational teacher are as blown up as a coal-rich mountain top. Yet right as she gears up to quit, a strange man called "St. Robin," who dubs himself the "Patron St. of Inspirational Teachers" appears and offers to help Miss R get her narrative back on track. 

With St. Robin guiding her through the paces of an Inspirational Teacher Movie, surely Miss R can achieve the success she so desires ... even if it comes as the cost of crossing a few lines ... But what happy ending ever came without a few casualties?

A De-Inspirational Surreal Comedy.

2018 O'Neill Semi-Finalist


3 W, 2M

Full Length~110 Mins

St. and Brother Reyes couldn't be prouder of their perfect Mormon daughter, Joan. However, when Joan reveals she's pregnant and claims the father is an Angel the entire Reyes family will have to band together to uncover the mystery of what went down at the rowdy party the night Joan got pregnant ... and whether there may truly be miracles at work. 

A dark comedy that tackles consent and the thin line between religious and physical ecstasy. 

Those Who Would Be 


By Angels


Voodoo You Do

4 W, 3M

Full Length~120 mins

When Brian, the human equivalent of molding putty, accidentally lets slip to his ex-girlfriend, Lindsey, that he's planning a family dinner at his sister Becca's new, and possibly haunted, house he has no idea of the hell he's unleashed. Determined to get Brian back, Lindsey crashes the party and brings with her a dubious voodoo spell/cook book. Between mistaken identities, spells tossed around willy-nilly, and a house that's quickly taking on a life of its own, the guests of this dinner party will be lucky to survive let alone get a chance to actually eat their chicken. 

A farce smothered in mayhem and seasoned with just a dash of magic. 

Winner of the Mayhew Playwriting Award. 

Premiered at Kensington Theatre Company in 2013.