The "Artist" attempting to prove she has an MFA in Dramatic Writing via photo ... with helpful props!

Artist's Statement


From a young age, I devoured books created by the Romance Industrial Complex. Swoony, teen fantasies that presented a certain brand of femininity: lovely, dainty, able to wield a sword … but only until marriage. Yet, the more puberty bore down on me, the more I realized that wasn’t me. That would never be me. I may be a woman, but I’m gross. My desires ain’t dainty and sometimes my body does horrifying things … but by God I’m here and I refuse to filter myself.


As a writer (stage/screen/general naughtiness), I aim to create work that centers on the darkly funny, pulpy realities of being human. Specifically queer and femme leaning humans (like myself) struggling with the narratives society has placed on them. Stories that buck those narratives by making “strong female characters” who aren’t just token women able to play with the boys, but whose desire demands center stage and gets to be

as funny or gross (or both) as she/they please.

Exciting Updates!

Two Big Updates!


1.  Aynnie: The Lil' Orphan Objectivist is having a run at the People's Improv Theatre in August 2019! Ticket info and cast updates soon!

2. Infinite Canary was selected from a group of over 500 scripts to received a stage reading with Relative Theatric's Playwright's Voiced series in May 2019!

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